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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

love is like season four

love is like season four
winter , spring , summer and fall
some brought us joy while others brought us sore
but those in relationship will go trough it all..

naturally love would begin with spring
everything is beautiful, magical and sweet
such happiness is around , hearts could even sing !
and no one would care , even for a little bit..

spring's end is signaled by summer's first rain
the first fights are always the same
the period of apology after the pain
fight then forgive now , it works like a game..

but after a while things started to get cold
for fall had begun ending , summer's reign
hearts grew bitter and started to get mold
selfishness breeds loneliness , which in turn brings pain..

finally comes winter , the last of four
it's been a while since romance began
shall this bitter season end , being spring once more
or will love be buried under the snow , never to be heard again ?

through hot and cold , dry and wet
does not matter what these conditions would do
relationships are things that no one would forget
and i want to face all this four every year , together with you..